Your mission is to locate and process suspects for quarantine while avoiding plague infection. You're free to choose your own path through the story and city but the stakes are high as your choices determine the fate of Sydney during one of Australia’s greatest social disasters. As you travel, you'll witness the plague-infested Sydney of 1900 captured through eerie historical photographs.

The app is large and can only be downloaded using a Wi-Fi connection. Once installed please proceed to outside The Rocks Discovery Museum, 2-8 Kendall Lane, Sydney. From there press Play Game or Play Story Only to begin the journey.

The walk is intended for individual users and takes approximately one hour. The wearing of comfortable shoes, a fully charged battery, and quality noise-cancelling headphones are recommended. Screen contrast is better at night. The game features images of decomposing rodents. These are absent from the Story Only mode. Recommended for 15 years and over. Please be aware of your surroundings as the app may provoke feelings of distraction.

By using this app you are responsible for your own safety and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you experience difficulties please contact us.

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